Artist Of The Week

It’s been a long time but I have an ARTIST OF THE WEEK for you!! For the remainder of this week and next week Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! will get all the AUM attention!

An Adelaide band who met in high school and began as a cover band in 2005, quickly releasing their first EP in 2006 ‘You Seize The City, I’ll Seize The Sky’ Performing in such festivals as Big Day Out, Parklife and Homebake these 6 talented musicians are no strangers to crowds, Their second EP ‘Boy, Hush Yr Mouth, Grrl Bare Yr Teeth’ was released in 2007 before they released their debut album in 2010 titled ‘Sea Priest’

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Bigsound 2012

Bigsound 2012, what a night! 120 bands in 12 locations all around Brisbane. If you planned your schedule right you get to see a small handful of the greatest! Our schedule was…planned well, but much harder to stick to than expected.

Trading in our tickets for wrist bands early in the night we began with pre drinks at ‘The Wickham’ while downloading the Bigsound app to map out our night. Loon lake were first on the list on 8:50. But then friends rocked up and by the time we looked at the clock next it was 9pm!!! Rushing off to see ‘Hayden Calnin’ perform at Oh Hello, we get there in time to go up to the stage and get a triple j bag full of goodies.

Hayden Calnin…

Listening to Haydens music on SoundCloud is nothing short of amazing. His powerful voice belting out a heartfelt song and capturing you in your tracks reeling you into every song. Listening to Hayden perform live was very different to that. His voice still ever so powerful and flawless it was the stage performance as a whole that left me disappointed. The songs had more silences in them as Hayden spent most of the time recording, looping and playing back sounds, words and rhythms. And although impressive and skilful to do so it left the performance a little dull for me.  I have seen this thing done before by none other than ‘The Twoks’ and they do it in such a way that it is still entertaining! I felt like I was watching him in the studio record and not watching a performance.

The only performance I had set aside the entire set time to see and not leave early, ended up being the most disappointed. However based on his singing and producing ability I still think he is one to look out for!

Leaving Hayden early to head to Bakery Lodge and see Owl eyes, because we weren’t informed she had been cancelled…but this little surprise turned out to be a highlight of the night!


Dubmarine replaced Owl Eyes and with a mixture of drums, trumpets, keyboards and two very entertaining lead singers, this band ROCKED THE HOUSE! The audience was IN the music, moving with every beat, singing with every word, this band really knew how to entertain! Jumping off the stage, body paint, shiny dresses, they had it all!

Dubmarine had a massive fan base and were definitely worth a mistake.

Quickly shooting off to Magic City to see Battleships and wow..


Already pumped up and dancing before they came on stage I was in the mood to have my mind blown! And ask and they shall receive. Up the front watching the emotion on their faces, the sweat pouring and feeling the vibe I was in musical heaven. The instrumental build ups had everyone in the audience in a suspenseful state before a final drop of the beat and rocking it all out was what we did. People screaming (mainly me) and all coming together to dance as one to a band who stole the night.

This band Battleships know how to perform, entertain, make music and make you feel good!

With the next act being The Art Of Sleeping whom we had seen a few weeks ago and the time fast approaching a booty shake competition that needing attending, we decided to call it an end to the Bigsound portion of the night.

Bigsound was a great event. Planned well, performed on time by all and enjoyed by most importantly me! You should have come :)

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Artist Of The Week

Artist Of The Week – Snakadaktal will take out our weekly Artist this week.
The Melbourne band Phoebe, Sean, Joseph, Jarrah and Barna formed in 2009 before going onto win the Triple J high competition in 2011. These young musicians have already released an EP with amazing tracks such as Chimera and Air. You seen their new single Dance Bear get SOTD last week as well. Be sure to check out their older stuff!!
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The Twoks

Melbourne duo ‘The Twoks’ recently headed to Brisbane for a show at Rics Bar! We were lucky enough to get some photos of them performing and some videos to come later! Check them all out here

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They Became Earthed After Featuring on our page!

We know we weren’t the entire reason that two amazing bands happened to be discovered after appearing on our page BUT we would like to think that this verifies that WE KNOW GOOD MUSIC!! 

Alpine who were our number 1 Artist of the week have signed an INTERNATIONAL album release deal!

Not to end the congratulations there but ‘The Art Of Sleeping’ who also featured as our artist of the week have just signed a record deal with ‘Dew Records”

Get your music in now to be featured on our page!


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Top Gigs This Week

Have you checked out our top gigs this week?

Don’t miss out on seeing someone before they become a SOMEONE!

Check out the link at the top of the page with the info!!

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Song Of The Day

Melbourne Pop Indie band take out Song of the day today with ‘Dance Bear’

A triple J unearthed discovery that turned into an earful of heaven for anyone that has heard their music.

Check out Dance bear here

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